Welcome to the WikiEdit

I used to collect trading cards when I was younger, but as I have gotten older (much too old to be playing children's card games), I am looking for a way to get them out of my house. Pages will consist of the many trading cards I have collected over the years, and their prices will be listed. For more information, see How the Wiki Works.

P.S., a little tip while shopping, look at the table next to the card to get an exact explanation of what it is you're buying, not the picture of the card itself. I simply uploaded a good-sized image for all to see. Looking at that might be misleading. The table will show you the pack it's from, the rarity, and the condition it's in (cards not in mint condition will have any damage noted, and their prices and shipping costs reduced depending upon the extent of the damage). For those of you who like the used cards for cheaper prices, guess what, you're in luck. I've compiled a list for quick reference of all used cards currently on the Wiki. See Used Cards.

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